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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) | Network And Web Solutions

Did you know that Google has made a list of every business name, address, phone number and website in the world?  And that for the past several years, Google has only been allowing one website to rank for any given address or phone number.  Literally, if you are sharing an office with someone else, it is quite possible that Google may be killing your website rankings simply because you share a location.  Google recently added a penalty for any website caught posting a blog on other people’s websites for the sole purpose of creating a link back to their own site?  Google considers this cheating!  

​Did you know that Google may lower your website rankings if there are phone book listings and online directory listings that show information different than what is on your website?  For instance, if you have not removed old phone book listings or old addresses.  Cleaning up your phone book and online listings is an absolute must in today’s online world!

That Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of raising the rank of a website and the ultimate goal is to make that website number one in the Search Engines listings?