We rely on key existing personnel to continue to run the business and help make the transition as seamless as possible for customers and the teams involved.

What to expect:

  • Performance-based incentives are available for managers, CSA’s and cashiers to help their incomes grow as the business volume grows through this new relationship.
  • Career advancement opportunities are available to all; the majority of our current management team has been promoted from within.
  • We promise to communicate with transparency any anticipated changes. In-depth integration meetings ensure an understanding of any and all necessary changes and their timing.
  • Network And Web Solutions offers a competitive wage scale and a comprehensive benefits package.

You’ve worked hard to build your Web Design & Hosting Business, develop your people, and establish a good reputation in the community.

Acquistions  | Network And Web Solutions

That’s why when it comes to selling your business, it’s important to find the right buyer; a company that will respect and recognize the intangible assets that often times don’t show up on a financial statement. At Network And Web Solutions we look beyond the “physical plant,” placing value on the quality of your customer base, your well trained staff and your growth trajectory, for example.

We also understand the emotional connection owners often have with their business. Getting to the “sell” decision is not always easy. We will take the time to walk you through the process and treat every discussion in a discreet, fair, and straight forward way. We believe that the only good deals are the ones where both sides end up happy and our track record of integrity speaks for itself.

We’re currently looking to grow our business through single and multi-site web hosting companies in our existing markets as well as diversifying into new markets with multi-unit locations. All discussions will be treated in a confidential manner.

Learn more about the acquisition process by contacting Jeff Jump  at Jeff@MultiPointBusinessSolutions.com or (727) 337-3508

(727) 967-9921